Nuchal Translucency Ultrasounds.
unnamedThe Nuchal Translucency Sonogram is a test offered to pregnant women of any age during their first trimester pregnancy. ( 11.2 to 14.1 weeks ) The ultrasound examination involves measuring the amount of fluid accumulated under the skin at the back of the baby’s neck. This normal accumulation of fluid is known as the Nuchal translucency ( NT ) measurements and it is often increased when a developing baby has Down syndrome. It is critical that this measurement be accurate, therefore it should always be performed by a physician or sonographer that has proper certification. We are credentialed by the Nuchal Translucency Quality Review Program ( NTQR ) to ensure our patients with the best care possible.




Fetal Anatomy / Baby Well-Being Sonogram
unnamed (1)Our Level One Obstetrical Ultrasound is a detailed anatomical survey of your baby. Careful measurements are obtained of the Femur, Abdomen, BPD and HC to determine your baby’s weeks, fetal weight and due date. Structures such as the bladder, cord Insertion, Kidneys, 4 chamber heart, brain structures, spine, and abdominal organs are evaluated to determine the health of your developing child.