1175380_649475348410815_735664326_nWe conduct a full range of all routine and specialized blood, urine, semen & stool tests. Detailed tests for substance abuse are also carried out. Antibody titres for all communicable diseases like Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Varicella
(Chicken Pox) including anti-polio antibodies are undertaken. DNA testing facilities are also provided. We are EQAS & BIORAD certified



Pathology tests performed at our centre:

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  • Chemical Pathology – Identifies changes in blood and body fluids, this is used to detect and measure tumour (cancer) markers, hormones, poisons and both therapeutic and illicit drugs.
  • Haematology – Study of physiology (blood coagulation analysis) and pathology of blood, its cells and blood forming organs. This helps in detecting anaemia, leukaemia and other blood related diseases.
  • Cytopathology – Also known as smear tests, cytopathology is specialized discipline that involves analysis of cellular components to confirm/exclude a malignancy.
  • Biochemistry – Study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms.
  • Immunoassay – Study of biological systems by tracking different proteins, hormones, and antibodies.
  • Histopathology – The study of tissues for diseases, used for the detection and diagnosis of cancer, to establish the cause in cases of sudden or unexpected death, and before commencing treatment involving major surgery, radiation or drugs, treatments which may have major side-effects
  • Microbiology – For the diagnosis of infectious organisms and testing to identify the most appropriate treatment to fight the infection.